August 22, 2016

   So we were introduced to Ashley a couple weeks ago and now we get to meet one of her cosplay group members, Kathryn!  They started a group called AKA and Ashley sent me this little background about it: "AKA cosplay and art, is a Lake Charles, Louisiana based group c...

August 14, 2016

   The button down shirt has been a rather timeless piece for a little over a century. These shirts became very popular after the 1890s when a blouse or “oxford shirt” became a part of the normal working woman’s outfit. This was usually paired with a higher waisted, pl...

   So one of my first customers was a wonderful young woman from Louisiana named Ashley.  She was so excited to receive our black high heeled high-rize boots to match with a costume she had designed for some fantasy/comic conventions.  When she received her boots they...

  The post below occurred a few weeks ago, but I am now finding time to post it: 

   Something happened today. It wasn’t exactly something life-altering for myself but for someone else, it was. I’m still trying to figure out why I so desperately feel the need to bu...

Felicita didn’t seem real to me at first, as if it had just appeared before my very eyes from complete nothingness. Suddenly I was thousands of miles away from Pennsylvania. I had been transported to Italy or Greece. Pillars rose up out of the trees, stretching towards...
In my current career especially, I have noticed that fire alarms tend to go off at moments of the most inconvenience. These include, but are not limited to; taking a shower (they are really hoping to get me in my towel I guess), in the middle of the day when I have bee...

   For my job as a flight attendant, I need to have annual Recurrent tests and training.  This keeps us updated on the rules, regulations, codes, and laws of the airlines and FAA. Obviously this is a necessary thing to keep everyone safe and on the same page. Still doe...

In addition to new colors, I have a ton of designs and sketches that I’ve been working on for the past few months. There is discussion of a logo tee-shirt, thick braided leather chokers, customized belts unique to LeviTicus, body suits etc!!! I have included several of...

   Hi Guys!!!! Sorry I haven’t written in a while, been so busy with work and just life in general. It can all get a little crazy and confusing at times. Perseverance is key in all this. I just happened to have the pleasure of forming a new friend. Her name is Kimmy, s...



   I’m just going to cut to the chase, I really hate running. It has always been the absolute worst thing for me to do EVER. If anyone mentioned going for a run, I’d be out of there in a heartbeat!  I used to tell people that my tears were just sweat droplets. Obviou...

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