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This is a specialty item which we designed and the total cost is $429.99 USD plus shipping.  Please read this description and follow the instructions because each pair of bootpants is made to order with measurements needed listed numerically below.  The bootpants are made with from butter soft stretch sheep leather and offer 3 options of colors (Black, Chestnut Brown, and Pinot Noir) and 4 options of boot/heel options (thin, thick, flat, platform stiletto).  Also the sizing will be the final option.  These bootpants come with two rear pockets, which are extremely helpful for cellphones, cash, or other small items which you may need to hold.  We think the best way to describe them is through visual photos, so we are placing many photos to view the bootpants.  This item is a specialty and since they are unique to each individual and the bootpants will take approximately 6-8 weeks for you to receive from the time we can place the order (and depending on the amount we place in an order times may vary slightly shorter or longer).  This is necessary so we can keep the prices affordable and the quality high.  We need to place several orders at a time for our manufacturer to keep the prices at the $429.99 level.  Individual orders of 5 or less per color won't be considered, so we need to place our orders for manufacturing once we reach that number of orders per color.  We will be updating customers with the time table and amount of order we have at the time.  We will need to communicate with you and the manufacturer well, so please include all needed information.  We will only take orders through email at


Information needed is:


1 - Waist measurement

2 - Hip measurement

3 - Inseam 

4 - Shoe size (US women's)

5 - Color (see Additional Info Section and photos)

6 - Heel Type (see Additional Info Section and photos)


Please contact with any questions or inquiries at  We will provide you with an order number and send you a paypal invoice directly.


We really wanted to introduce these bootpants designs in a high quality, comfortable, high quality and stylish way.  It has been a unique challenge and we appreciate your support and prayers.


Thank you all and Blessings to you.



    Black, Chestnut Brown, Pinot Noir



    6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 US women's



    Thin Heel, Thick Heel, Flat Heel, Stiletto Platform Heel

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