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Still Got A "Spring" In My Step

Spring is in the air! Such a cliché line, I know, but that’s pretty much the best way to describe it. The flowers are finally beginning to bloom! No seriously, the entire world has migrated to DC for the annual cherry blossoms overpopulating at the Capitol, which means the airport has been nothing less than a gigantic flood of people piling in. I’m thrilled by this, I’m sure you can tell. The weather’s playing a helping hand in my mood however! It has been nothing less than gorgeous!!!! With warmer weather though, comes less and less clothing. Oh joy. And it only seems to get even skimpier with each passing year. Shorts are so short, the detestable trend of “under butt” has taken over….*shudders* I’m beyond terrified to see what this summer’s “latest trend” will entail. However, you could always follow four wonderful little words: Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

As we like to say at LeviTicus, simplicity is key. Now you may already have your mind made up that my boots are more of a fall trend. Well think again! As you can clearly see in the picture above, my boots can be worn in any season!!! One of my most recent looks that I’ve currently been rocking is dressing up a simple summer DKNY skirt with my edgy boots. I’ve noticed that it gives the usual casual-dressy trend a refreshing new look with a polished finish! Very high fashion.

I also love the very simple dark wash skinny jeans under my high-rize boots with an airy yet bold tunic! This particular one photographed above is from White House | Black Market. One of my all time f a v o r i t e stores. Every one of their pieces would be instantaneous matches made in Heaven with my LeviTicus boots! I must have one of everything, you know, for marketing purposes. ;)

Now I know it’s not the most picked option during those hotter days, but a little bit of a longer short paired with the boots has been noticed as a pretty revolutionary look. Come on ladies! Let’s bring class back to this generation, yes? Pair it with a flowy top or opt for a tank top/t-shirt for a new twist on Posh Military style. Grab those sunglasses and hit the beach resembling an avant-garde hippie! Learn to embrace change in the fashion world. I’m quite jaded from repeat after repeat of the same trend continuously reappearing throughout fashion’s history. It’s the year 2016 and you’re telling me this is the greatest our minds can fathom? In the words of Clueless’s darling Cher (Alicia Silverstone, naturally), “I don’t think so!”

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