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HELP US HELP THEM (The Justice Project)


So these days, some of you know me as the girl who is trying to have a successful fashion business hoping it will “reinvent” the thigh boot world. I am this girl, and I do have those same aspirations; however, reinventing the genres within the world of fashion as we know it, is not my only goal for this business. I am also supporting a cause. I am raising money to get women out of human trafficking.

Before I even started this business, I decided that 20% of all of my profits would go to The Justice Project. If you have never heard of them, you can check them out here: They have also created some very cool t-shirts as well as the ever-popular baseball cap to raise support funds. I have already purchased a shirt and I will be featuring it in my High-Rize Boots to help raise awareness for these amazing people. The shirts are only $20.00, very affordable!! Their extremely powerful video, The Girl in Dirt, allows you to get a little taste of what these women are going through, and the restoration and healing that has been obtained by so many, thanks to this group's outreach.

The Justice Project, founded by Justin and Rawan Shrum, is an organization/outreach program that works to get young women out of human trafficking. Currently they are based out of Germany, where the sex trafficking industry is at an all time high due to the country of Germany having legalized prostitution. They have a Safe House, which provides these women with a place to reside independently in a supportive environment. They also provide a Recovery Program, which allows for these women to work through the traumas of their past. The end all goal is that, eventually, these women will have the courage and the strength to finally begin a new, sustainable career, life, and have the tools to build real, lasting relationships.

While all the outreaches that are currently pursued in this world right now are incredibly important, this specific one speaks to me on a very deep level. In my generation and specific type of culture today, young women, about my age, are willingly selling their bodies to the highest bidder. I read an article just a few weeks ago talking about the “Girlfriend Experience” as these ‘culturally-appropriate’ whores have nicknamed it. Women AND men who happen to need something or many material things that they are not able to afford on their own, will attempt to find a “daddy/mommy” who can afford it. They agree to be their “baby” if they take care of the cost of whatever it is that they might desire. This includes but is not limited to: cars, college, vacations, houses, boob jobs or any kind of cosmetic surgery, designer merchandise, the list goes on. One girl even commented, and I quote, “I do it for the Chanel.” I threw the magazine away right after I had finished reading this. The only words I could really think to say “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” was running through my head on repeat. I was livid. On one side of the world we have people working diligently to get enslaved victims out of their worst kind of nightmare and then on the other side of this fascinatingly appropriated planet we have sugar babies and sugar mommies/daddies who actually think they are taking some kind of stand for the rights to their bodies like the bleeding heart feminists we see shouting in the streets. In all honesty, it is nothing short of ridiculous at this point. I would be very curious to know the words the women who were FORCED into prostitution might have for the ones who see it as a way to make a quick buck. Look to if you happen to be clueless to the terms of sugar baby/mommy/daddy.

The Justice Project was created to make a difference. And LeviTicus Fashions was created to help support them in making a difference. There is still good in this world, but we have to help it thrive. Justin, Rawan, and all the others who are out there trying to be the change that we wish to see in this world need your help to make it become a reality. I want these young women who think they need to sell their bodies to be able to afford their rent or college tuition, to keep up with the latest trends, etc., to know that my heart is breaking when I read the words which came from their mouths. God’s plan for your body was for it to be sacred, a place where Jesus would be able to dwell. To the women who are forced into this horrible act of sexual exploitation, I want you to know that this is not your fault and that you did not do anything to deserve the kind of life you are being forced to live. I want you to know that my heart bleeds for you, because I know that this was not your choice. I may not know your names, but I am still going to pray for your restoration and your healing because I know I would want the same done for me. I am going to do my part in helping you out of this situation. I hope that everyone who reads this sees my soul through these words. God is speaking through me. God is speaking through Rawan, through Justin through everyone everywhere who is fighting for a just cause...fighting for love. We are simply the messengers. We are the ones trying to give a voice to the voiceless. So now I ask you all who actually decide to read this blog, will you help us overcome the obstacles and fight to change the world?

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