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Boot Appetit! and Violet Vintage Wine Company

by Emily Kenniston August 19, 2022

Welcome to Boot Appetit!

My name is Emily Kenniston, and I am so excited to introduce Boot Appetit! to you all. A

little bit of background about me: I am a professional model, as well as a professional author--I have

written everything from the news as a freelance journalist, to blog posts, to a full-length

psychological thriller (more on that later). I also currently hold the title of Mrs. Pennsylvania

Continental Worldwide, and I am the creator, host, and producer a show on called

: "Small Business Spotlight"--you can find out more about me on my website,

I am absolutely delighted to be working on this blog in collaboration with my dear friend

and business partner, Lindsey Hart ( ), and with Leviticus Fashions

(, an absolutely amazing small business that specializes in making

designer high-rise boots for affordable prices. I've been modeling for Leviticus Fashions for

nearly a year, and when owner Karina discovered that I am also a professional

writer, the idea for Boot Appetit was born!

So...what can you expect from Boot Appetit? This is going to be a blog that hits a lot of

sweet spots for readers--we're going to be covering everything from faith, to food/drinks, to

fashion...and everything in between! Karina, Lindsey, and myself are all Christian entrepreneurs in our

respective fields, and we are so excited to merge our faith with the arenas of fashion and

fabulous dining experiences.

So, without further ado...Boot Appetit, post 1!

Violet Vintage Wine Company, August 2022

Lindsey and I excitedly kicked off Episode 1 of this long-awaited blog by traveling to

Violet Vintage Wine Company in lovely Bernville, PA. Surrounded by lush farmland, curving

country roads, and panoramic sunset views spiraling above full cornfields, the view at Violet

Vintage is one of the first things that patrons will notice as they pull into the spacious parking lot.

And it only gets better once you are inside!

Owners Kat De Crescenzo-Kinzey and Evan Kinzey have spared no effort making Violet

Vintage look and feel like a Prohibition era hangout spot--from the hand-glittered cement floors,

to the lush, purple velvet couches, to the soft overhead lighting and ambient big band jazz

music, you will feel immediately as if you've stepped back in time. The menu, however, is as

trendy and delicious as any you can imagine! A family business in every sense of the word, Kat's family helps them with all aspects of operating Violet Vintage. Her brother-in-law Joe (the best chef in Berks County (in this humble reviewer's opinion) is the head chef, while her sisters, nieces, and mother help serve

and greet customers all evening long.

Lindsey and I will both tell you that Violet Vintage has one of THE best menus that we

have ever seen. Many wineries only serve drinks and snack foods, but Kat and Evan have

worked hard to ensure that V V has a full-scale menu that includes appetizers, entree choices,

and even dessert. Lindsey and I ordered the barbecue sliders, a deluxe charcuterie board, and

the arancini balls--our personal favorite, which Kat describes as "a mozzarella stick's yuppie

cousin" (risotto rice balls filled with melted mozzarella cheese, then deep friend and dusted with

parmesan and served on a bed of marinara sauce).

Everything we ordered was absolutely extraordinary. The arancini balls, a customer

favorite, were mouth-watering perfection, and the charcuterie board was delicious and unique.

The board features specialty cheeses, like brie and a balsamic parmesan (absolutely stellar), a selection

of Italian meats, and a side of Chef Joe's special savory grapes marinated in olive oil (a truly

perfect compliment to the wine), every single bite was a revelation. The barbecue sliders were

amazing too--not just mouth-wateringly scrumptious, but also beautifully presented. Both

Lindsey and I gave each menu item we tried two thumbs-up!

Now, on to the drinks, which were absolutely delightful. The drink menu at Violet Vintage features 5 house made wines: a sweet white, a dry white, a sweet red, a dry red, and a special raspberry wine. They also currently have wine slushies for the Summer, and feature different sangrias each week. Additionally, they have PA-brewed beer on tap, and can make mixed drinks if customers specifically request them.

Lindsey isn't a wine drinker, and I'm not a beer or hard liquor drinker, so we love going to

Violet Vintage because there is guaranteed to be something that we both love to drink on the

menu. I am a big fan of dry wine, and I absolutely LOVE Violet Vintage's dry red (Vermillion),

which is comparable to a Cabernet Sauvignon, and their dry white (Streamliner), which is

comparable to a Pinot Grigio. The Vermillion is dry and full-bodied with a hint of jammy spice,

while the Streamliner dances on the tongue with a slight citrusy zest. I enjoy pairing both of

these options with Violet Vintage's amazing charcuterie board, and plan on serving Streamliner

with grilled fish, and Vermillion with my Thanksgiving turkey! Lindsey thoroughly enjoyed the

mango slushie on the menu, and was also very impressed with their beer selection. Additionally,

we both appreciated the flexibility of the menu, and the fact that you could find both different

drink options and food choices week-to-week.

Before leaving, Lindsey and I got the chance to check out the glorious sunset crowning

the hills that encircle the winery. Since VV is located in a quiet area surrounded by farmland,

the sunsets at night are something truly spectacular, and guests can enjoy watching them from

the winery's large porch, while walking the grounds with a drink, or eventually in Violet Vintage's

own pavilion (to be renovated soon!).

All in all, Lindsey and I had a truly phenomenal time kicking off Boot Appetit! at Violet

Vintage Wine Company, and we weren't the only ones--we got the chance to interview a couple

of guests who were there at the same time we were, and every single one felt the same way we

did. From the beautiful Art Deco-inspired atmosphere, to the mouth-watering dinner choices, to

the amazing libations, we had a wonderful time and will most certainly be returning as often as


A huge thanks to Kat, Evan, and family for a wonderful evening, Leviticus Fashions for

sponsoring the post, and Lindsey Hart Photography for all of the behind-the-scenes images,

videos, and more (and for being an amazing business partner, who has become more like a

sister to me over these many years of our friendship. God has truly blessed us).

Catch us next month for more fun and amazing content at a new location, and from all of

us to you...Boot Appetit!

For more information about Violet Vintage Wine Company, visit their socials (and don't

forget to vote for them in the "Best Local Winery" category for Berks County Living's Best of

Berks 2022--they've only been open since March 2022, and they have ALREADY been

nominated for Best Local Winery!):

Phone: 484-837-3636

Berks County Living, Best of Berks 2022 (Category #34, "Best Local Winery"):



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