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Healthy Life?????

by Sanela K. March 7, 2021

I am just sitting in a traffic square in Graz, Austria, watching the people and trams all around me. 👀

It's such a "grey day"...., no sun or any colors. Kinda cold.

I just gave a few euros to an old sick man who is here almost every day. And as a "thank you" to me, he picked up some stuff that fell down out of my purse.

This society is sad. People are paying taxes to the church here - very high taxes!!!!! And you would think the churches would take care of the poor old sick people. Because that's what Jesus called us to do in The Bible. Well, the churches don't. That's why I declared myself as a catholic but don't want to have anything to do with a church in Austria. The churches became money taking institutions instead of being our spiritual leaders. So lame. So sad and so horrible!!!

Last year the church sent me a letter. Yes, the church sent me a letter that they needed my list of incomes!!!!!!!!! They didn't even ask me if I am okay with giving them my personal information or if I need any "services" or prayers from the church!!!! Because that's what the church claims it is here - an institution to provide SERVICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of services??? - I will never understand. If I would see them taking care of those people who have nothing, except other people's mercy, I would happily have paid the taxes to join the church! But, since they are doing absolutely NOTHING, I never replied to that letter or sent any of my personal information. I feel it's better that I give my money to the people who really needs it! And I also promised God that IF my blog or any modeling activity will ever earn me some extra money, I am going to donate it to the people who really need it! I will help to take care of those who the churches are neglecting. Sharing is caring! ❤

Here you have 2 options - to pay church taxes or to be separated from the church altogether! Well, without giving it an extra thought, I decided to separate myself from the church! Not from God! From the church! Because the churches have almost nothing to do with God nowadays!!!

I cannot show you any pictures of me wearing my Leviticus Fashions boots today, because today I chose my Converse sneakers since I went out only for a short time. And looking at all of this and thinking about these poor, helpless people, I got an inspiration to write this surprise blog post!

Yesterday I made a decision not even I expected to make.

I started exercising!

Every day I am going to do some set of exercises! And as I said, I am already on a diet!

Yesterday I also succeed to do planking for 2 minutes!!!!!! 🤗

Right now, I am sitting in my too tight pants here and thinking how long was I wearing only my pajamas and dresses so that I didn't really notice that my weight is going crazy? 😆And that sneaky weight grew while I was going to the kitchen more than I should have been going. Let's all pray that my diet and exercising are going to give me good results. And I also wouldn't complain if those good results would be realized very soon, but I am not going to count on that 😂It seems like it takes much less time to gain weight than it does to lose weight! Even though there are only 3 kg extra, I am losing the weight very slowly as always. Well, what can I do about it except just keep "working".

In the meantime I am "upgrading" my knowledge about some things to be able to make my business plans succeed! And I am totally excited about it!

We learn as long as we live. But we also probably die as fools. 😂

I miss my energy from 2 years ago when I started to work in that horrible company that lead me to burn out so badly😂

With that energy I would probably be faster, but everybody has his or her own personal "clock".

I am now getting almost frozen out here, and I think it's time to go home and drink some healthy stuff 😎 . I don't even check my weight anymore. That became a little bit traumatizing a few years ago, so I am gonna "listen" to what my pants have to "say" in due time. 😆

Wish me luck guys! I am gonna make it and I promise to keep you updated along the way! 😎

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