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A B O U T     M E

 I was always the kid that was playing dress all the time. When I got bored, I would take all of my clothes out of the closet and begin to assemble possible outfit ideas that I might like to wear. I was always amazed at the endless possibilities of the different combinations that could be created. I feel like appreciating and having fun with fashion has always come naturally to me, as if I already had certain looks and outfits pictured in my mind. I like to call it a Creative Eye. It's like I can see the way something is going to look before I even begin working on the design.


Since my first designs are the High-Rize Boots, and they will always be the foundation of my collections, I would like to provide some background for you. Besides my own mother, I rarely ever saw anyone else pursuing the super high leather boots look. I admired it and was always wondering why other women did not wear them. After doing a great deal of research, I discovered that these particular forms of footwear are incredibly difficult to obtain at a reasonable price or they came with a type of "scarlet letter" reputation. Incredibly high, high-fashion designers seem to be the only ones that make this type of boots in a high quality leather. But they also happen to cost next to an arm and a leg! This bothered me greatly. I personally don't find it fair for just the celebrities and wealthier side of society to have all the fun in the fashion world. I now want to bring this incredibly classy trend to all of us regular women too!  I also found that the other type of very long boots available had a seedy stereotype to them; like a woman would be prejudged for wearing them.  That also bothered me greatly. Long boots are awesome and I want to show this fact to the world. It is all about HOW you wear them! So I created these beautiful, amazing quality boots and kept the price very affordable, in order that all women can have incredible fashion experiences with them! I believe that we all deserve great quality and great design at a great price! 

Now this may be completely biased, but I think my boots are absolutley beautiful and I seriously LOVE them. I like to call them High-Rize Boots to steer clear of any negative stereotypes (the image of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman popping up in one's mind). Yet another reason I LOVE my boots is because they are so outside of the norm. It's not a trend most people consider wearing on a daily basis. BUT the cool thing about them is that you totally can wear them any time of the day you want! I will wear them for morning coffee with the girlfriends or dress them up for a date night. I want to reinvent the way they are perceived and show that they can and should be an everyday-wear item for all women.

And while I am on the subject, I wear my High-Rize Boots A every chance I get! (it also helps that I designed them and want others to ask me about them too!)  Nothing is better than to be pulled aside by a stranger and asked where I got my boots.  They love them!  I get to give my card and explain that I design and sell them.  It is so exciting and I just evolved another perception! I'm beyond proud of my creations and the image I hope to portray with them.They are a part of me. I live them and what they represent. Those are my rules of design


Finally and truly, this business/website is a pretty big step for me. I have always struggled with body dysmorphia and definitely had my fair share of battling body insecurities. But, in a way, I feel that makes me an ideal candidate to model my fashions. While I am following the ways of high fashion designs, I do not agree with their choices of models for their campaigns. I am not interested in the business of making others feel bad about themselves by putting on display unrealistic images that one can never live up to. I have finally come to a belief that I have a beautiful body, but I do have curves. For years I've only ever viewed it as a curse. It's taken quite some time (still taking time) to see it as a blessing. But I am so tired of this society-based idea of what is deemed as beautiful. I want people to look at my pictures and offer hope. I want them to think, with confidence "I can wear that, too!"  My goal is to offer my designs to every woman, but I have a small beginning budget to work with.  I have to go with what fits me and offer that sizing first, then slowly expand to widen my market. This is all info I had to learn too! (but it wouldn't matter anyway because I can only afford what I am offering currently). 


I hope that this gives you a little bit of a glimpse into who I am, what I represent, and what my dreams are.  I appreciate it so very much that you cared to read this and share my passions.  ~  Kristina

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