L E V I T I C U S     F A S H I O N S     I M A G E     G A L L E R Y

Below are a few images from my photoshoots. Being able to model my own designs was all-around a truly incredible experience. My intentions were to showcase the many different ways that you can wear my boots: their versatility. I will be updating the pictures regularly to switch things up! For those of you who would like to keep up with the progress of LeviTicus, you can check out the links to my social media where I will post OOTDs, new design ideas to add to LeviTicus, and blog about my overall experience of starting a business. Currently my designs are the High-Rize Boots, as shown below. I am completely in love with my boots! They make transforming from an outfit for a coffee meet-up with the girls to a night out on a date effortless. My High-Rize Boots are the epitome of evolving perception. I was hoping to create them to show the versatility of style and design and offer a new way to view very tall boots as an everyday staple of fashion. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my pages!  ~  Kristina 


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