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LeviTicus does FIRST Photoshoot

Pictures are supposed to be worth a thousand words. Those words, describing the images in my first photoshoot, are those of emotions. My first real photoshoot, ever! Ahhhhhhhh!! Here I am on my way to the location. I was nervous. Am I good enough? THIS IS SO EXCITING! OH GOSH, what if I mess up?! Looking back now, I’m trying to rationalize why I always seem to subconsciously set myself up for failure. Because as soon as I was in front of that camera, the rest of the world just seemed to fall away.

The first photoshoot was held at a rather random location. An old, run down shoe factory right off of the freeway. Sounds oh-so vogue am I right? I feel that I gained a lot of insight that day. Some of which were 1) Padded bras tend to resemble battle armor on camera and 2) Do not EVER wear your contacts on set if you will be asked to stare directly into the sun. At one point I was almost qualified to be in one of Gaga’s eccentric music videos. I wrote a poem in middle school about heart break. Right.... because a 12-year-old knows so much about heart break. One of the lines that I wrote comes to mind when I think of the mess that I was at the shoot . “Mascara looking like black paint peels.” Back in the car, staring at my reflection, runny red nose and black lines trailing down my rosy, wind-thrashed cheeks, I was pretty curious about how my pictures would turn out.

Now let’s get to the actual modeling part. There were some twists and turns, squats accompanied with wide stances. Some rather seemingly awkward looking poses that, by some trick of the camera, photographed rather beautifully. And yes, with every model-moment, there have to be a few “I think I’m a ballerina” spins.

I personally adored each and every one of my outfits. They were all so me, and yet, almost exposing a rare side of my personality that not even I was aware of. I felt edgy and whimsical, while immensely classy..... a rather daring form of high fashion. I feel like my boots tend to create game-changing looks; very avant garde. As LeviTicus is my rules of design, I feel that the clothing choices were a perfect glimpse to how I hope to re-create the fashion world. Because LeviTicus is all about evolving perception.

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