Making New Friends

I am currently in the business of making new friends. I have been running all over creation too much lately and, while it has been the adventure of a lifetime, it has also greatly hindered my relationships. I am realizing rapidly that my once social butterfly, optimistic self has become a person that doesn’t horribly mind being all on her own. This is both a blessing and a sadness in my eyes. I seem to be finding a very obvious progression of slowly, but noticeably, allowing myself to be unseen. Why would anyone want such an existence? Good question. There is that love-hate relationship with social media for me. I am entirely grateful for it, however; I feel that it also allows us to become

Hello Kathryn

So we were introduced to Ashley a couple weeks ago and now we get to meet one of her cosplay group members, Kathryn! They started a group called AKA and Ashley sent me this little background about it: "AKA cosplay and art, is a Lake Charles, Louisiana based group comprised of four individuals who have an artistic passion. The founding members are Ashley, Kathryn, and Alexandra (AKA!). Along with Jeremy, the group sets out to create memorable cosplays and unique artworks of types! Our main love is cosplay! Cosplay to us is a means of expression. We can express our love, our passion, and just be ourselves! Cosplay also acts like a bond. It strengthens our friendship and our relationships with

Thigh Highs & Button Downs

The button down shirt has been a rather timeless piece for a little over a century. These shirts became very popular after the 1890s when a blouse or “oxford shirt” became a part of the normal working woman’s outfit. This was usually paired with a higher waisted, plain skirt. Today, blouses are incredibly versatile in the modern day fashion world. They are worn with nothing more than a bikini top and a pair of shorts for a stroll on the beach. Some still wear them for work as they are commonly labeled as the staple uniform shirt. They are worn for evening events and outings just as much as they would be during the day. Button downs are incredibly classy and a nice, statement piece to pair wi

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