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What's Happiness?

by Sanela K. April 14, 2022

A long time ago there was a little girl with such big dreams... guess who that girl was? 🤭 Little Miss Famous 😝

Yesterday I was asked what would I want for my future. I had to think for a bit and then I noticed what a big difference it is between that little girl's dreams and the dreams of this grown up (almost) woman now. I have changed. Really, change is the only thing that is constant in life. 10 years ago I would have never said what I said yesterday. I just want a simple life. Peaceful. Because while growing up and fighting this life and all it's challenges, I realized that happiness isn't diplomas, titles and being respected by people you don't even care about. I realized that happiness is just a peaceful life with your loved ones, cats and wearing Leviticus Fashions thigh boots! 😊🥰😍

I don't need much for happiness now. I would even be satisfied and happy with just being a housewife with a peaceful life. And that is really something I never thought that I would say. Yes, you read correctlly. I honestly mean it. Maybe some of you won't agree with me, but after I got some stuff I wanted so badly and after they broke me, I thought that the Lord gave me those things just to show me I was wrong so I have nothing to regret about later. And I am thankful! I am thankful for every experience I had to go through, no matter how hard it was. Now I am wiser. Or maybe just an old girl as some members of my family would say. 😆

Now, I have only 2 more shifts in this company and then I am gone. I hope for good. This job; actually the nature of this job hurt my soul. It's not something you should do in life except if you have no other choice like it was in my life a year ago. Indeed, every age has some beauty in it. But now my body and soul feel like I am already 70 years old. 😅 Let's hope that's gonna change, so I won't be tired and exhausted every single day. And that after I finish these 2 upcoming shifts I will be able to convince my neighbor to invest some time in photoshooting with me in my Leviticus Fashions boots. Let's create some art. Even if it's not perfect. Beauty is in the eye of the observer. 😘

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