HELP US HELP THEM (The Justice Project)

OBSTACLES ARE PUT IN YOUR WAY TO SEE IF WHAT YOU WANT IS REALLY WORTH FIGHTING FOR. So these days, some of you know me as the girl who is trying to have a successful fashion business hoping it will “reinvent” the thigh boot world. I am this girl, and I do have those same aspirations; however, reinventing the genres within the world of fashion as we know it, is not my only goal for this business. I am also supporting a cause. I am raising money to get women out of human trafficking. Before I even started this business, I decided that 20% of all of my profits would go to The Justice Project. If you have never heard of them, you can check them out here: They hav

Thigh Boots and Fantasy…..Football that is! ;)

Well this is sure to be interesting….so I have ALWAYS loathed football. I would roll my eyes and sigh anytime someone wanted to switch the channel to the football game. Recently, I have come to a point of “accepting’’ that football is an all-time favorite American past time that must be celebrated. And so the day that Kristina finally watches football ,seriously, has come. So I joined a fantasy football league with my mom and we’re going to donate the winnings (IF THERE ARE ANY) to The Justice Project!!! :) They are an organization that works to get young women out of human trafficking and one of the main reasons I even started LeviTicus Fashions. 20% of my

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