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Thigh Boots and Fantasy…..Football that is! ;)

Well this is sure to be interesting….so I have ALWAYS loathed football. I would roll my eyes and sigh anytime someone wanted to switch the channel to the football game. Recently, I have come to a point of “accepting’’ that football is an all-time favorite American past time that must be celebrated. And so the day that Kristina finally watches football ,seriously, has come. So I joined a fantasy football league with my mom and we’re going to donate the winnings (IF THERE ARE ANY) to The Justice Project!!! :) They are an organization that works to get young women out of human trafficking and one of the main reasons I even started LeviTicus Fashions. 20% of my profits for my boots goes to The Justice Project. Please feel free to support and donate if this is a cause that speaks to you!

Now here's our team aptly named The Crusading Klutzes! LOL. Let me know your thoughts...are we doomed?!

QBs - Roethlisberger, Ryan

RBs - Freeman, McCoy, Hill, Gordon

WRs - Beckham Jr, Moncrief, Crabtree, Garcon, Hogan, Hurns

TEs - Reed, Tye

D/St - Den, Min

K - Boswell, Walsh

Side note - I actually have no idea who almost all of these players are or what position they play....I needed help from my stepfather to even put them on this blog LOL!!! Hey, I am giving it a shot though. That counts for something, right? ;P

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