Hidden Oasis

Felicita didn’t seem real to me at first, as if it had just appeared before my very eyes from complete nothingness. Suddenly I was thousands of miles away from Pennsylvania. I had been transported to Italy or Greece. Pillars rose up out of the trees, stretching towards the sky as if they were reaching for Heaven itself. I walked down out of the shade to get a better look. An expanse of water emerged, the majestic statues greeting me with open arms. Geysers of water shot up from behind them. To say it was just lovely is almost an insult. Felicita took my breath away. Stone staircases traveled up to the very top of the hill. With each elevated level was another pool of water, complete with a s

Inconvenient Alarms

In my current career especially, I have noticed that fire alarms tend to go off at moments of the most inconvenience. These include, but are not limited to; taking a shower (they are really hoping to get me in my towel I guess), in the middle of the day when I have been up since 3am and I am attempting to get a nap in, or this most recent occurrence when I was in the midst of my stressful examinations. For example, I was completing my Security Exam which was the VERY last thing that I had to finish for my Recurrent FA training. As I was speedily clicking through the exam questions, the fire alarm went off, at 1am. Suddenly the PA system blared through the entire expanse of the hotel like a h

Testing...Testing...One, Two...

For my job as a flight attendant, I need to have annual Recurrent tests and training. This keeps us updated on the rules, regulations, codes, and laws of the airlines and FAA. Obviously this is a necessary thing to keep everyone safe and on the same page. Still doesn't make the modules any less stressful though! First I had to view and study through 12 hours of videos, slides and information. There are no shortcuts. No skipping slides, even if you already know all of the info being covered. Nada. Then take a quiz. Yayyyyyyy. NOT. Oh and it gets better. If I fail one of these exams, they will send my butt right back to training! Just like that, I would literally have to relive Flight Attend

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