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Inconvenient Alarms

In my current career especially, I have noticed that fire alarms tend to go off at moments of the most inconvenience. These include, but are not limited to; taking a shower (they are really hoping to get me in my towel I guess), in the middle of the day when I have been up since 3am and I am attempting to get a nap in, or this most recent occurrence when I was in the midst of my stressful examinations. For example, I was completing my Security Exam which was the VERY last thing that I had to finish for my Recurrent FA training. As I was speedily clicking through the exam questions, the fire alarm went off, at 1am. Suddenly the PA system blared through the entire expanse of the hotel like a half-time buzzer going off. I let out a loud sigh and rolled my eyes as I glanced back at my TIMED exam. They were calling for everyone to head downstairs immediately. Shoot. I got up, threw on my shoes and grabbed my jacket. I took the stairs since the elevators would obviously be out. I was on the 8th floor. I fast-jogged it down those stairs. “Hmmm, got a little workout in” I smiled to myself mischievously. I got all the way down there, checked-in at front desk, only to be informed 25 minutes later that the fire alarm was in fact a “false alarm.” And I had been taking a timed test. I was fuming. Well, I guess this is in God’s hands now! I did end up getting a 92 on my exam. God is good!!!

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