Introducing Ashley

So one of my first customers was a wonderful young woman from Louisiana named Ashley. She was so excited to receive our black high heeled high-rize boots to match with a costume she had designed for some fantasy/comic conventions. When she received her boots they fit perfectly (here is her Direct Message to me on Twitter: "They are AMAZING!!!! I'm just going to walk around the house all day! I have my girl friend coming over in a bit and can't wait for her to see!!") and she invited her fellow cosplay group founders, Kathryn and Alexandra, over to try them on too. "Kathryn was actually the creator of the statement "they're like gloves for my legs!" when she tried on the pair. :D," reported

Little Fool

The post below occurred a few weeks ago, but I am now finding time to post it: Something happened today. It wasn’t exactly something life-altering for myself but for someone else, it was. I’m still trying to figure out why I so desperately feel the need to burst into tears. I mean, I was not physically affected by this but oh, does my heart hurt. I did not even know this man. And yet, it was as if for the briefest of moments, God had made it so that I saw what He sees. I saw a man. A man that had been outside for hours begging for money on the highway. A man that was young, naïve, and hungry. Exactly as I was in that moment. I had been walking from my hotel in search of somewhere to eat, by

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