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Introducing Ashley

So one of my first customers was a wonderful young woman from Louisiana named Ashley. She was so excited to receive our black high heeled high-rize boots to match with a costume she had designed for some fantasy/comic conventions. When she received her boots they fit perfectly (here is her Direct Message to me on Twitter: "They are AMAZING!!!! I'm just going to walk around the house all day! I have my girl friend coming over in a bit and can't wait for her to see!!") and she invited her fellow cosplay group founders, Kathryn and Alexandra, over to try them on too. "Kathryn was actually the creator of the statement "they're like gloves for my legs!" when she tried on the pair. :D," reported Ashley.

Above you can see Ashley's AMAZING costume for her cons, Comicpalooza and Bayoucon. She is Madelyne Pryor from Marvel Comics and she designed and sewed the costume herself! WOW! How super talented is she???! Not to mention gorgeous! She is a wife and the mother of her two young children. Simply awe inspiring. You go girl!! Her report from the conventions was "I definitely had the most amazing boots there! I'm thrilled with them!" She even busted her big toe right before the second convention and it turned purple and still wore the boots all day! What?! Now that's dedication!!! She said, "Your boots were still comfortable even with my evil toe!"

I asked her about her sewing skills and she said, "I've been learning how to sew since high school; Youtube is a great teacher for new techniques and just lots of practice. :) I love doing my costumes! Some are acquired pieces where I hunt down every piece; some are a mix of acquired pieces and handmade items."

Finally, here is a quick testimonial she sent to me and it makes me so happy to see other women appreciate my designs exactly the way I hoped they would! "As a cosplayer I love looking for shoes that have great quality and amazing comfort. Levitiusfashions' boots embody both of these traits. The Black Leather Platform High-Rize Boots fit my legs like a glove. They are sexy and sophisticated. I can wear them for hours all the while feeling like a goddess. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend these amazing shoes to any woman!" ......Yeah!....Aweeeee, oh my gosh I'm beyond flattered! Thanks a billion, Ashley!!

Stay tuned for more adventures to come from these three adventurous and incredible ladies!!! They have promised to keep us updated with their quests and costumes:)

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