Do Hard Things

I’m just going to cut to the chase, I really hate running. It has always been the absolute worst thing for me to do EVER. If anyone mentioned going for a run, I’d be out of there in a heartbeat! I used to tell people that my tears were just sweat droplets. Obviously they weren’t. Running is hard, man. My parents made me go out for Cross Country and Track/Field in high school yah know, so I stayed in shape. Needless to say, that day started my streak of dreading getting out of school. Every. Single. Day. I felt like a hamster on a spinning wheel, never being allowed to stop. I think you’re getting the point of my absolute disgust for running. Well people prepare to be shocked! Let the tortur

Keep Calm and Carry On

Monday was the absolute WORST day for me, and I’ve seen a lot of bad days lately. First, due to the severe thunderstorms and mass flooding in Houston, our flight listing RES system completely crashed and I was not able to check in for my flight home. It’s funny, all that technology in front of them and the gate agents still couldn’t figure out how to secure me as positive space. Realizing there was no chance of me getting on, I walked all the way out to the parking lot, took a bus to Avis to purchase a rental car only to be denied since all rental car places now take credit cards which I don’t have. I have a debit card that has ACTUAL money on it. Not money that you use and pay back later an

JESUS > religion

So many people in our culture skew the true meaning of what it is to be a Christian. Being a Christian is a lifestyle, not a religion. Being a Christian is NOT judging those who do not walk the same path as you. We are called to see the beauty in the broken. Jesus ate with the sinners and yet we look darkly upon those who have made mistakes, but what we don’t seem to understand is that everyone deserves grace. This poem written by Jefferson Bethke, that I have posted below, is a perfect depiction of how I view the church. I honestly feel that many in the church are intolerant and judgmental. I love Jesus with all my heart, but I abhor how religion has been abused and controlled. It has been

Life At 360 Degrees - Part 2

The date had been set, we would be shooting one pano for Crowne Plaza of Harrisburg! At this point I was BEYOND nervous. What if I drop the camera?! What if I can’t figure out the white balance properly? It has been a few years since my junior year photography classes so I was pretty rusty to the usual practice of taking professional pictures. Who am I kidding! I was borderline freaking out. Looking back now, I can’t even understand what I was so afraid of. We were out of there in the span of 20 minutes. It was totally easy, and a lot of fun! The ballroom was set up to resemble an evening dinner setting. We made the suggestion of lighting the candles for a nicer picture. There was also the m

Life At 360 Degrees

On top of all the other five million and one things I am currently pursuing for LeviTicus, I have recently added interactive panoramic photography to the list. If you have visited my website, you would have seen our very own Pano 360 beautifully displayed on the front page. Shown are the possible combinations of several different outfits that could be worn with the boots, displaying their huge acceptance to versatility. Ingenious? I think yes! I loved it so much I decided that this profession was something I deeply desired to be a part of. So there I was! The newest trainee for SpheroVision. I couldn’t have been any more enthusiastic, or anxious. I started out learning how to market to compa

Still Got A "Spring" In My Step

Spring is in the air! Such a cliché line, I know, but that’s pretty much the best way to describe it. The flowers are finally beginning to bloom! No seriously, the entire world has migrated to DC for the annual cherry blossoms overpopulating at the Capitol, which means the airport has been nothing less than a gigantic flood of people piling in. I’m thrilled by this, I’m sure you can tell. The weather’s playing a helping hand in my mood however! It has been nothing less than gorgeous!!!! With warmer weather though, comes less and less clothing. Oh joy. And it only seems to get even skimpier with each passing year. Shorts are so short, the detestable trend of “under butt” has taken over….*shud

The Reason Nothing Happens - Is Because Nothing is Happening!

I am angry with myself. I let things affect me so severely that I can’t seem to shake them. I let them take over to the point where I can’t even seem to accomplish anything. This deeply angers me to my core. Why let it bother me? Because I am letting whatever this feeling is, WIN. It’s why I never seem to finish anything. I quit everything. Soccer, swimming, running, art, the list goes on. I even stopped painting. In fact, the first thing I ever actually finished in my short life was flight attendant training. Self-sabotage is what they call it. However, I don’t like to give such things a name because I believe that it then gains the power it requires to affect your life. So when it seems li

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