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Life At 360 Degrees

On top of all the other five million and one things I am currently pursuing for LeviTicus, I have recently added interactive panoramic photography to the list. If you have visited my website, you would have seen our very own Pano 360 beautifully displayed on the front page. Shown are the possible combinations of several different outfits that could be worn with the boots, displaying their huge acceptance to versatility. Ingenious? I think yes! I loved it so much I decided that this profession was something I deeply desired to be a part of.

So there I was! The newest trainee for SpheroVision. I couldn’t have been any more enthusiastic, or anxious. I started out learning how to market to companies. We hit downtown Harrisburg advertising panoramic photography to restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, and the occasional swanky retirement community. As the new girl, I watched carefully as my mentor (who also happens to be my stepdad) proposed having panoramic photography shot to the marketing directors and managers for their business. Once I got the hang of it, I even made a few inquiries. Crowne Plaza of Harrisburg seemed pretty interested in our proposal and insisted on following up for shooting. On our way out, a girl had been eyeing my boots from a mile away. As we passed she looked up at me and said “I REALLY love your boots…” I gave her a big smile, “Thank you!” She smiled and kept walking. I noticed she was heading to the bus that was very soon departing. I swiftly turned and shouted in her direction. “Hey! Do you have a minute?” She nodded and walked back to meet me. I told her that the boots were mine and that I was the designer for them. At this point she was pretty excited. “NO WAY!” She exclaimed and asked if I had a business card. I handed her one and then we said our goodbyes. I would find out later that day that she had checked out the website and even signed up for my email list! We ended up doing pretty well that day, for both LeviTicus and SpheroVision. I had a smile of satisfaction and sheer joy as I looked up at the sun. God was opening major doors for us!

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