New York Minute!

As some of you already know, I frequently fly the friendly skies as a flight attendant (Insert airplane emoji here). Remind me to ask Apple to create a flight attendant emoji. Anyways, I just so happened to form a friendship with the amazingly talented Stefane Myles whilst on my many adventures flightattendant-ing. She is an incredible designer, fellow stewardess, and a dear friend. Look to for her brilliant collection that was just recently debuted at the Emerging Designers Show during NYFW 2016. I may be a little biased, but others will confirm for me that her collection was simply enchanting. She has a way of making something that appears so simple, into quite the sig


I don’t know how many of you have suffered as I have, but getting your license switched over to a new state is a pain in the butt! I am beyond amazed at how this could possibly be such a difficult process. So there I was, standing in a line that only seemed to be moving a centimeter per minute. I let out a groan as I shuffled my feet ever so slightly, slowly making my way to the podium. This was taking forever. I got my ticket and took a seat among what seemed like an endless sea of people. The majority of people on this particular Tuesday morning only seemed to be categories of disheveled, just rolled out of bed, ripped up t-shirts with breakfast brightly painted on individuals. My mom lean

Pub Regulars

As you all know, we experienced a pretty severe snowstorm this winter. Cars stuck on the I-95, airports shut down entirely, and my crew and I happened to get stuck in what I thought was the most boring place in the world, Ottawa, Canada. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Ottawa can be easily described in three ways: fun, crazy expensive, and filled with culture. My hot chocolate was 6 freaking bucks, it was so worth it though! My crew and I ended up stranded in Ottawa for FIVE DAYS. We had SO much fun! There was a pub directly behind the hotel we were staying in. Can you guess where we were every night? One particular night I decided I would wear my boots to compliment my very casual knitted

Pleasant Surprises

I’m always quite surprised that, coincidentally, I seem to get female Uber drivers. Two of these particular ladies were quite taken with my boots. Not saying anything at first, simply staring in wonder with half open mouths. I waited with excitement to see if they would nonchalantly bring the boots up. The first lady wasted no time! “WHERE did you get those?”, she said with wide eyes. So we chatted for a bit, and I offered her my card at the end of the ride. She was beyond thrilled and let me know that she would be telling her daughter about them too! I walked into the nail salon feeling hopeful about handing out a few more cards. Unfortunately, the nail salon crew were a particularly snobby


I screwed up. We all screw up though, every now and then. Error is human, right? It is, and God has unwavering grace that allows us all to have our millions upon millions of second chances. However, I could’ve sworn that we were supposed to strive to be better after being handed forgiveness time and time again. I thought we, as a species, were better than that. But just like Adam and Eve, we too fall from grace. I’m going to tell you something that you most likely aren’t going to be surprised by: I’m really bad with money, borderline awful. I had an opportunity to get the nicer thing with the self-assured “better deal.” I took it. It was the foolish thing to do with the expenses I had at the

Success in Atlanta

While on my many adventures “flightattendant-ing,” (yes I just made up that word) one of my favorite places to overnight is Atlanta, Georgia. First of all, we get the best breakfast EVER, out of all the places we overnight. Andddddddd, the ladies there happened to LOVE my LeviTicus boots!! It was a pretty crazy experience that I really wasn’t expecting, before the launch of my website no less, to already receive such a huge and positive reaction from all these people about my boots. I had girls running and I mean RUNNING right up to me to ask where in the world they might find a pair of my boots for themselves. I watched in disbelief and overall shock as a group of women took turns grabbing

TWO HUNDRED likes in TWO days!!!

Here I sit, blogging in disbelief staring at my laptop screen in my LeviTicus boots that started it all. TWO. HUNDRED. LIKES. I was honestly expecting maybe 40 likes at the most. As I sit here, I am just filled with gratitude. I am so incredibly blessed for such a large support system as I begin this intense, unbelievably exciting time in my life. I have been so humbled by this whole experience in so many ways. Coming to this realization, I know in my heart that LeviTicus will thrive. I know this because this is monumental compared to what makes me and what is of this world. Because I am Second.

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