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Pleasant Surprises

I’m always quite surprised that, coincidentally, I seem to get female Uber drivers. Two of these particular ladies were quite taken with my boots. Not saying anything at first, simply staring in wonder with half open mouths. I waited with excitement to see if they would nonchalantly bring the boots up. The first lady wasted no time! “WHERE did you get those?”, she said with wide eyes. So we chatted for a bit, and I offered her my card at the end of the ride. She was beyond thrilled and let me know that she would be telling her daughter about them too!

I walked into the nail salon feeling hopeful about handing out a few more cards. Unfortunately, the nail salon crew were a particularly snobby bunch with upturned noses and a rather uncomfortable glare. Turns out my nail technician was not like the others and even found my boots ‘comment worthy’. She smiled at me and said “cool boots!” Completely happy that she noticed, I gave my biggest smile and said thank you. She asked where I had obtained such cool boots and I informed her that I was the designer. Now looking me up and down, she gave me a thumbs up and said “good for you, girl!” Made my day. Never judge one individual by the rest of the group that they are with. People tend to surprise you.

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