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I don’t know how many of you have suffered as I have, but getting your license switched over to a new state is a pain in the butt! I am beyond amazed at how this could possibly be such a difficult process. So there I was, standing in a line that only seemed to be moving a centimeter per minute. I let out a groan as I shuffled my feet ever so slightly, slowly making my way to the podium. This was taking forever.

I got my ticket and took a seat among what seemed like an endless sea of people. The majority of people on this particular Tuesday morning only seemed to be categories of disheveled, just rolled out of bed, ripped up t-shirts with breakfast brightly painted on individuals. My mom leans into me and quietly asks, “Did everyone just decide that they would wear what they slept in? Did I not get the memo that it’s Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day?” I laughed.

And it only seemed to get worse. As we waited, kids were shrieking, sprawled out on the dirty tile crying. I watched in horror as one mother said nothing as her 5-year-old peeled off every single poster on one of the walls. A group of little ones were shouting at each other excitedly in Spanish. The continual running back, through AND under chairs seemed, at times, to be their only form of entertainment. I get it, they were bored. I was right there with them.

To my pleasant surprise, something productive did end up coming out of all this. No, it wasn’t getting my license transferred. Apparently there were “other” things I needed to bring that I had not even been made aware of (insert eye roll here). Like I said, getting your license switched over is a whole lot harder than I thought. I was pretty mad.

My mood magically became a whole lot better when I realized somebody had tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to a smiling, blonde woman in a bright blue track suit. “I really love your boots. I don’t really think I could pull those off…” she said with wide eyes. She was eyeing the height of the leather warily. I let out a little laugh in disbelief. She had a very nice long and lanky frame. I didn’t have the slightest doubt that they wouldn’t look fabulous on her “Of course you can! They would look great on you.” She smiled. “Oh well alright then. I guess I’ll give them a shot! Where did you get them anyway?” I handed her one of my business cards, “I designed them! This is my business, LeviTicus Fashions.” She attempted to hide her surprise, “that explains how I’ve never seen anything like them.” I laughed. She took one of my cards and told me she will definitely try them out. LeviTicus Fashions- 1 Penn Dot- 0

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