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Success in Atlanta

While on my many adventures “flightattendant-ing,” (yes I just made up that word) one of my favorite places to overnight is Atlanta, Georgia. First of all, we get the best breakfast EVER, out of all the places we overnight. Andddddddd, the ladies there happened to LOVE my LeviTicus boots!!

It was a pretty crazy experience that I really wasn’t expecting, before the launch of my website no less, to already receive such a huge and positive reaction from all these people about my boots. I had girls running and I mean RUNNING right up to me to ask where in the world they might find a pair of my boots for themselves. I watched in disbelief and overall shock as a group of women took turns grabbing at and examining the quality of the leather, nodding to each other in approval. One woman glanced up at me and said, “You have a card, right?” I smiled and nodded.

All these experiences were making my confidence about my rising business blossom. I was beyond ecstatic to display my boots as I walked through malls, restaurants, and the various airports I travel to! I even noticed some wandering eyes in quiet curiosity at the nail salon. Needless to say, the reactions confirmed it for me. LeviTicus was getting people’s attention, in the best possible way!

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