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New York Minute!

As some of you already know, I frequently fly the friendly skies as a flight attendant (Insert airplane emoji here). Remind me to ask Apple to create a flight attendant emoji. Anyways, I just so happened to form a friendship with the amazingly talented Stefane Myles whilst on my many adventures flightattendant-ing. She is an incredible designer, fellow stewardess, and a dear friend. Look to for her brilliant collection that was just recently debuted at the Emerging Designers Show during NYFW 2016. I may be a little biased, but others will confirm for me that her collection was simply enchanting. She has a way of making something that appears so simple, into quite the signature outfit. I feel in that regard, we have quite a similar idea of expression through design. I live by the rules of less is more and simplicity with statement. My LeviTicus boots, for example, are bold yet simple. A verification of high fashion all on their own.

Let me be understood, getting to Manhattan was the farthest thing from cake. It took one plane, two shuttle buses, NINE subway stops and finally a taxi all in the span of one day, but I made it! Our hotel had a rather interesting architectural design of basically being one very, very skinny but yet incredibly high building. We managed to fit four ladies into a room that was smaller than my mom’s master bathroom. Between the continuous chants of “Stef keep sewing”, the many random plates of food, and an endless sea of buttons, pearls and sparkles, we managed to keep the laughter going well into morning. We didn’t sleep much that whole weekend, Stef was the most sleep deprived out of all of us. And yet the moment we arrived to the site for the show, she was all business.

The next few hours consisted of last minute sewing, fittings, button finding, constant outfit switching, and a whole lot of documenting evidence that we were there, AT NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. I was quite taken aback at how many of the volunteers from FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology) demanded that I give them a business card the second they saw my boots. I handed out a little over 12 that day. Dreams came true this weekend. I not only got to watch as a friend debuted her collection down the legendary runway, but I managed to gain great exposure for my own designs! The experience alone inspired me to bring LeviTicus to the runway someday. Until then, I will remain excited to see what other adventures life and The Lord may bring my way!

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