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Keep Calm and Carry On

Monday was the absolute WORST day for me, and I’ve seen a lot of bad days lately. First, due to the severe thunderstorms and mass flooding in Houston, our flight listing RES system completely crashed and I was not able to check in for my flight home. It’s funny, all that technology in front of them and the gate agents still couldn’t figure out how to secure me as positive space. Realizing there was no chance of me getting on, I walked all the way out to the parking lot, took a bus to Avis to purchase a rental car only to be denied since all rental car places now take credit cards which I don’t have. I have a debit card that has ACTUAL money on it. Not money that you use and pay back later and yet, I’m a “greater risk”. Righhhhhht. Beyond irritated, I trudged it all the way back to the airport, with ALL my bags in ohhhhhh I don’t know? 80-DEGREE WEATHER. I now had about six hours to kill until I would be able to “possibly” fly home, yah know, if the Res System ever comes back up. I was feeling pretty hopeless.

The 80-degree weather was not kind to me in my navy blue uniform and black tights. I figured since I would eventually be heading home that I would go ahead and change out of the now nasty sweaty uniform. I walk out of the bathroom feeling cool and comfortable, now looking super slick in my LeviTicus boots, light wash jeans and a black t-shirt. I start heading over to KCM (Flight Attendant Security Check Point) when I’m stopped by a fellow flight attendant. “Oh don’t bother. KCM’s down, they just sent me away.” If I could have thrown something and not have been fired from my job, I would have. I had just changed out of my uniform and now I was going to have to get right back into it. I was beyond furious. I stomped the whole way back to that bathroom with a scowl that must have been rather unsettling given the startled faces of the oncoming crowds as they passed by. I did not care; I was so mad.

Five hours later, I was sitting on a couch waiting for my already late flight that had just been delayed even further due to a late inbound crew that couldn’t seem to navigate their way through the busy airport. Finally, the gate agent began to board us and we all ended up standing outside in the heat while the flight crew tried their best to be ready for boarding. Five minutes into the standstill I realized I had been standing right next to the captain for our flight. Evidently, he had not been able to even get on the plane before the impatient gate agent sent all of us down. I let out a little laugh. Guess I wasn’t the only one who was having an incredibly bad day.

Ten minutes later, I was comfortably in my 23D seat allllllll the way in the back of the plane. One row behind the bathroom. Who cares! I got on and that was all that mattered. I turn to my left and staring me down is the ugliest dog I have ever seen. For a second I didn’t remember where I was and I let out a pretty loud gasp as I said “what the heck kind of dog is THAT?” The owner of the dog, a woman, now very annoyed with me rolls her eyes and says “This is a long-haired Chihuahua, Chloe LaRoux. They’re very well-known I assure you.” Chloe LaRoux was also a service dog apparently. Uh-huh. This dog was so terrified for the entire flight, her eyes seemed to be constantly bulging out of her already extremely large head. I was incredibly curious to know what exactly her service was.

We deplaned, waited for our luggage and headed out of the airport. I was so done with airports for the day. My family decided to surprise me by taking me out for burgers and beer at Lancaster Brewing Company. By the way, if you do ever end up here, ask for Michelle. We ended up having to wait a while to even get our drink orders in so she gave us our choice of two appetizers on the house! Turns out she has two sisters with autism just like my little brother, Ryan. She showed us pictures of her sister’s adorable Jasmine themed birthday party. She was so sweet and an absolute gem, outstanding service!!! My day ended on a rather nice note, oh and we all jammed out in the car on our way home. I wanted to cry from all the stress I had so needlessly added to my plate.

When it seems like you’ve hit your breaking point, try your best to keep calm and carry on. I know it seems next to impossible in that moment but I promise you, the stress you’re going to put on your body IS NOT worth it. Take it from me, I am the queen of stressing out over the most pointless reasons. I think I burst into tears one time because I thought my hair was falling out. Relax, Kristina! God is going to get you through this. Let that be a comfort to you as you continue on this roller coaster ride of a journey that we call life. I know it's certainly a comfort for me. And just like the infamous quote that is now worldly renowned and can be found on just about anything these days, Keep Calm and Carry On. Because your journey will be an epic one. <3

By the way, I can almost guarantee that my day would have gone much more smoothly had my airline allowed me to wear these babies!!! A nice little addition to the uniform, am I right? ;)

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