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Testing...Testing...One, Two...

For my job as a flight attendant, I need to have annual Recurrent tests and training. This keeps us updated on the rules, regulations, codes, and laws of the airlines and FAA. Obviously this is a necessary thing to keep everyone safe and on the same page. Still doesn't make the modules any less stressful though!

First I had to view and study through 12 hours of videos, slides and information. There are no shortcuts. No skipping slides, even if you already know all of the info being covered. Nada. Then take a quiz. Yayyyyyyy. NOT. Oh and it gets better. If I fail one of these exams, they will send my butt right back to training! Just like that, I would literally have to relive Flight Attendant Training with no paycheck. So yeah, I had a bit of anxiety about getting everything done in time. I mean, yeah they did give me exactly one month to do it. BUT they also decided that they would fly me just under 100 hours during said month. One thing that I admit that I need to continue to work on is using my time wisely and prioritizing what is most important for that given moment. Sometimes I will find myself drifting my attention to other things and before I know it, the time that I had set aside for studying is all gone and I'm heading back to work. I have a short attention span, it's a curse. But the Lord blessed me with getting all of the modules completed and I pulled a 93 on my Rev ! exam! Woo! Step One complete!!

I had a security exam a few days later and I got a 92 on that one! THANK YOU LORD!!! Seriously. Now that I passed, they will be flying me to Arizona for ONE day of recurrent classroom training. Once I have completed that, I will be good to fly until June of next year! Prayers would be greatly appreciated as I am a little nervous since this is all very new for me!!! I hope to continue on this exciting journey of mine as a flight attendant!!

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