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Making New Friends

I am currently in the business of making new friends. I have been running all over creation too much lately and, while it has been the adventure of a lifetime, it has also greatly hindered my relationships. I am realizing rapidly that my once social butterfly, optimistic self has become a person that doesn’t horribly mind being all on her own. This is both a blessing and a sadness in my eyes. I seem to be finding a very obvious progression of slowly, but noticeably, allowing myself to be unseen. Why would anyone want such an existence? Good question.

There is that love-hate relationship with social media for me. I am entirely grateful for it, however; I feel that it also allows us to become desensitized to the most important things in our world. Social Media has helped me greatly in furthering the overall evolution of my business. I have met a lot of people who share similar interests and aspirations that I have for my life. One of these particular innovative individuals is Brianna R., who I like to call Bri. Bri is now officially a certified cosmetologist that will be working at a rather high end salon in Rochester, Ohio. She will not simply settle with one particular aspect of cosmetology. She wants to experiment in all the fields, naturally. ;) This is to be something that I will continue to admire her for; reaching the furthest for success in her visions. Bri also continues to surprise me. She works just as hard as I do (if not harder) and yet, still manages to floor me with these incredible ideas and aspirations for LeviTicus! She and Ashley both are such a blessing to me. With everything that has been going on lately in my life, the motivation to thrive is sometimes difficult to maintain. But these two amazing ladies never fail to pick me up and remind me that LeviTicus will always remain paramount to us; to everything. Because LeviTicus is the start of my personal revolution. It is my love letter to the Heavenly Father. And with that sole conviction in my heart, I simply cannot admit defeat. Stay tuned, guys. Bri, Ashley and I are going to rock the fashion and design world!

In Bri's words: "As a cosmetologist and someone who enjoys fashion, when I received my pair of boots from LeviTicus in the mail, I was super excited. Comfort, style and a great fit can be pretty difficult to find all in one product but these thigh highs kill it. Everything from the inside out about these boots are beyond awesome. Being 21, I'm starting to create my career. A big part of what I do is to be behind the chair and make people feel as beautiful as possible. "When you look good, you feel good" is such a true quote. To me, that means getting up, dressing up, and playing around with different looks - and seriously what better way to do that than in a pair of great boots that helps support an amazing cause!"

Bri, you're seriously awesome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!! I look forward to our adventures in fashion that are ahead of us :)

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