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Thigh Highs & Button Downs

The button down shirt has been a rather timeless piece for a little over a century. These shirts became very popular after the 1890s when a blouse or “oxford shirt” became a part of the normal working woman’s outfit. This was usually paired with a higher waisted, plain skirt. Today, blouses are incredibly versatile in the modern day fashion world. They are worn with nothing more than a bikini top and a pair of shorts for a stroll on the beach. Some still wear them for work as they are commonly labeled as the staple uniform shirt. They are worn for evening events and outings just as much as they would be during the day. Button downs are incredibly classy and a nice, statement piece to pair with almost any outfit. I wear button downs constantly with my thigh boots. They work with literally anything. In case you’re not exactly sure yet how to utilize this classic trend, I have provided some of my favorite examples of rocking the button down! Surprisingly, finding a whole slew of button downs with thigh high boot pics was incredibly hard to find. Complete shame since this is such a lovely trend that just so happens to go perfectly with almost anything! I have also additionally included some LeviTicus Fashions’ inspo wearing the infamous button down, enjoy!

This look is just adorable and I am not usually a fan of stark-white thigh boots but she did it perfectly! LOVE. If I were to wear this look myself, I would personally go with a darker boot such as a chocolate brown or my newest debuted color; caramel crème.

Feeling daring? wear a corset/fitted vest over a plain button down for a unique AND eye-catching look!

Now that my hair is WAY short, I’m definitely guilty of experimenting with some edgier, almost punk pieces. I love this look. It is so daring, yet almost effortless and still remains classy. Totally awesome look and a very nice attempt for the newly coveted elongated open vest/grunge kimono. LeviTicus approved!!!

Leopard button downs are perfect with, well, basically everything! Complete your look with a bright nail color just like moi ;)

Okay let’s be honest here. Miranda Kerr will always be a fashion legend! This look is one of the classics and she does it beautifully. When you have two statement clothing articles already, it is good to keep the rest of your look simple. Way to go, Miranda! Love this simple take on the staple style.

I'm really obsessed with mismatching different shades of denim as of late. These boots have a more urban cowgirl look to them so I like to pair them with a simple color for my button down. Simple, yet bold. Always a good decision!

Blake Lively additionally nailed the look! Love these gorgeous and unique Stella McCartney boots paired with a simple button down and a chic black blazer. Great outfit for a red carpet event or even for a friend’s art gallery premiere. Soft beachy waves or a nice high, slicked back pony for a more daring look.

This is such a fun way of playing with bright colors! My leather jacket seriously makes this outfit. The use of all gray for both leggings and boots gives my legs a more elongated look, which is always a good thing!! Throw on a pair of chic aviators if you're feeling sassy.

Apparently I'm in the running for becoming the next evil Spiderman...this pose is killing me. Anyways, all black is usually a pretty dramatic look but i think the simplicity of the pieces makes it all blend quite nicely.

Now don't be shy! Go rock a button down and thigh boots look today! or tonight ;) , and post a pic to this blog for fashion inspo. Love seeing new and exciting ways to rock button downs and thigh highs! And don't ever be concerned about it being "so last season". Button downs are a timeless piece of fashion. They can be worn anywhere, with practically anything, on ANY occasion!!! :)

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