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LeviTicus First Photoshoot Part 2

For this particular part of the shoot, I was going for a college student feel so that I might show the versatility of my LeviTicus boots. I am wearing a relaxed, Land’s End wool sweater with liquid leggings, and a plaid scarf paired with a black beanie. I want you to see that my boots can be paired with anything, whether you’re meeting your girlfriends for Saturday brunch or heading out for a night on the town! The possibilities are endless.

This is by far one of my favorite pictures from the shoot because, in every way, it embodies what is Kristina. I have that excited expression on my face as I pretend to fall off of a ledge. For those of you meeting me for the first time through the words on this page, I am a complete and utter spaz. I am hyperactive, horribly silly, daring to the point where it can get me into trouble, incredibly hopeful, and usually containing a pretty consistent zeal for life. But while I may be all of these wonderful things, I am also frightened for my future, regularly stressed, insecure to the point of constantly ridiculing myself, and I have my days where I am beyond bitter and ungrateful. The battle for good and evil is a real thing, no matter what you may believe in. My greatest struggle at this particular point in my life is my relationship with the Heavenly Father. This picture is a perfect representation of the war going on inside of me. I have that blissful smile plastered on my face, yet my eyes are hesitant. My stance shows that part of me is willing to take that leap of faith, but a smaller part, in trepidation for the unrevealed, seems quite uninterested in seeing what could possibly be on the other side. So I shy away and remain ignorant. This is my carefully constructed safety blanket that, in the end, only seems to hinder while creating a stagnant state of being. This is not how I want to live. But yet I do, every day. Why? Because while Kristina may not be afraid of snakes, or the thought of walking across a skyscraper, she is fully afraid of handing away all of the control that she blindly believes she has on her life. And yet, what we never seem to realize or understand is that we have NEVER had control.

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