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Dallas Fan Days

How can one describe the feelings that circulate when attending the Dallas Fan Days? For a cosplayer, this convention is something beautiful and unique. The cosplay community in North Texas is genuinely friendly and feels like being a part of a family. There is so much support and encouragement that cosplay isn't just that one weekend out of the year. It's a year-round hobby that consumes an individual. There's higher levels of self confidence. You find yourself setting goals and learning new crafts. It brings you closer to those around you with like-minded achievements and introduces you to so many new potential friends. And every year just gets better and better! New cosplayers are always joining in, and those trips produce some of the best memories!

Remember what I said about those goals? With every new cosplay our group AKA takes on, we strive to learn how to make things better or purchase quality items that provide comfort and just look bomb! I *love* my LeviTicus Fashions boots! They are so beautiful and comfortable and versatile that I find myself always in them (even out of cosplay!). So far, Kathryn and I have used them for Madelyne Pryor (X-Men) and Jessie (Team Rocket from Pokemon). For Dallas Fan Days 2016, we decided on going as Geralt (my husband) and Yennefer from Witcher 3. I opted for a flat pair of LeviTicus Fashion's boots since I would be standing for prolonged periods of time. Along with learning how to chainmail and sewing for months, I made these beautiful decorative belts for the boots. I am so in love with the result! I am so honored that I got to wear these to my favorite comic con. So thrilled that I never had to stop and think about how my feet were feeling. Plus, I just felt like a beautiful woman knowing that I looked amazing.

I cannot thank Kristina enough for finding me on Twitter! When she found me, I had been so upset for not being able to find a pair of thigh high boots that spoke to me. She noticed my message and quickly linked me to her designs. It really was love at first sight! I am beyond thrilled with my purchase! My adventures are only beginning. These lovely boots are taking me on some amazing adventures!

Yennefer (Witcher 3): Ashley

Geralt (Witcher 3): Jeremy

White Legs (Fallout New Vegas): Alexandra

The Courier (Fallout New Vegas): Kathryn

Photographers: Jack D. Teague FireBird Images Alan Tijerina Photography

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