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Bri's Testimonial

As a 21 year old cosmetologist, I'm naturally really into fashion. Clothes, shoes,makeup, hair, everything. So stumbling across LeviTicus's twitter page one night sparked my interest. Kristina and I got to talking. I gave her my measurements for boots, and upon receiving them I fell in LOVE. I stand all day, for long periods of time. It can make you really sore if you don't wear the appropriate footwear! On my days off I still love to dress nice and put cute outfits together. My honest opinion of these boots is that they're awesome. Not only do they look nice, but they feel nice too - which is SO important. Nobody wants uncomfortable shoes. Leviticus isn't just selling leather boots though, they have such a great goal. This company is very close to God, and helps those who are victims to sex trafficking. If you have a few spare minutes today, go check out blog posts Kristina has written about these things. You'll end up wanting to read them all! :) She's such an awesome person with awesome faith, and of course, awesome boots ;) Xoxo, Brianna.

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