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Felicita 2.0

Another successful shoot at these stunning gardens!! Felicita never fails to amaze me. We really had a lot of fun with this shoot, probably one of the best ones yet in my opinion. So we had a HUGE photoshoot for our Fall/Winter season and it was pretty awesome. We came up with new forms of photography and even did some promo videos that I am proud to say were completely impromptu! More videos to come in the near future??? It’s in the works, but I should be creating a YouTube channel soon, stay tuned! ;)

For this shoot, there really was no set theme. We just sort of mixed a bunch of different things together honestly, and it worked quite nicely! There were several different outfits. The first consisted of a very cute casual Fall look complete with dark wash jeans, a fitted white button down, a long flowy cardigan in earth tones and of course, a pair of my heeled Caramel Crème thigh boots with our polished stacked heel!

It was pretty chilly and the wind was giving me the worst possible case of runny nose...ICK!! I was very grateful for the next outfit, given the circumstances of a head cold. Side Note: shooting with a head cold is NEVER a good idea but by the grace of God, I managed to push through! This outfit was a very chic biker girl look with the same fitted white button down, black leather jacket with a fur trim, sleek, high-waisted black leather pants, and a pair of our heeled Basic Black thigh boots. Not my favorite picture but the boots look awesome!! :P

This next outfit created one of my favorite pictures from this shoot! (Next profile pictureeee? ;) ) We did a high fashion, military-inspired look complete with the same white fitted button down, the high waisted black leather pants from last outfit, a fitted black cropped military jacket and the same pair of Basic Black heeled thigh boots. I had a lot of fun with this outfit posing in “at attention” stances and saluting my photographer! Definitely went for a Private Benjamin persona for this outfit. ;)

My next outfit was pretty hilarious at first actually. Without the snazzy sports coat to break up the solidity, I basically resembled a chocolate bar. Yummy xD This particular outfit had such a Kensington Estate feel to it, all that was missing was a nice English horse and a riding crop. I felt like I had just walked out of a Burberry Brit ad. Oh hey, Cara!!! ;) This outfit had a nice tweed sports jacket with a tight brown turtleneck, peanut butter suede pants (getting my chocolate bar reference??), leather riding gloves, some multi shade sunglasses and our Chocolate Brown heeled thigh boots. This outfit had me wanting to ride around in one of those adorable little sports cars from The Great Gatsby.

My next outfit created such a great personality for my Broadway show girl inspired look, bow tie AND suspenders included! This outfit made it so we could do a lot of fun, dance-like poses in front of a three panel mirror. As seen in our previous pictures, the ever popular white button down seems to unknowingly be a recurrent theme in this photoshoot. Outfit is complete with same white button down, black suspenders, a bow tie, charcoal suede pants and our heeled Caramel Crème thigh boots with the polished stacked heel.

Our final outfit was shot right after doing our second panoramic shoots for this specific location. First, I must say that I am in deep, deep love with this sweater! Super warm and the ruffles give it the most regal, polished look. I wore it out to dinner that very night. This outfit is complete with a velvet black cat suit, flowy wool cardigan, a thin body chain and our heeled Shale Grey thigh boots now complete with the black polished stacked heel.

Well that’s all of our outfits for this post! Another HUGE thank you to Felicita Resort, Sue, and all who help to make this place so beautiful!!! I absolutely love shooting at this location and I hope to shoot there more in the future! Sue is so amazing, I cannot thank her enough!! It really turned out great and I cannot wait to put all of our new shots up for our Fall/Winter season. And last but not least, a shout out to all you ladies out there! IT’S THIGH BOOT SEASON GIRLS. Make one of your fellow sister’s days and grab a pair of our LeviTicus Fashions thigh boots to rock all season long! You know you want some!!! ;D

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