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So, as you know, my mom and I entered the Fantasy Football league this year! It’s a family thing that we do every year. Our team was called the Krusading Klutzes….lol. I know what you’re thinking but no, that ingenious name did not come from me. ;P Now I personally don’t really believe that we know ANYTHING about football, at least I don’t. As a matter of fact, I wasn't even able to attend the draft! And yet, we actually won Fantasy Football!!!! In addition to winning Fantasy Football, we also happen to be the highest scorer for several weeks. WOOHOO! Additional riches!! We’re now in the process of the playoffs; so wish us luck!!! It was all God. I’m still in shock at how He blesses me and my family and the whole world. So, because He blesses us, we’re going to go ahead and pay it forward. All of our winnings will be donated to the charity my business supports: The Justice Project. For those of you reading my blogs for the first time, The Justice Project is a charity that works to get young women out of the human trafficking and the prostitution system that, unfortunately, has now been dubbed legal in Germany. Here is the link to their website! You will also notice that I have worn some of their merchandise known as Declare It Clothing. Fair trade made clothing, awesome quality. Shirts are pretty inexpensive and totally worth the cause! Donate. Support. Change a life:) And, as always, Blessings!

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