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Obvious Uber Driver and The Ladies at the Nail Salon

I had been working that day and, amazingly enough, I had managed to break my nail on the only day that I could get to the salon. Coincidence? I think not! So i got off work, got changed into an adorable oversized argyle sweater with black nylons, my Shale Grey heeled thigh boots and, of course, a printed scarf. I grabbed an Uber and headed towards Worldgate Center. I noticed that the driver had been eyeing me quite a lot and I’m not going to lie it was definitely making me a tad bit uncomfortable. He caught my gaze in the mirror and, startled, said: “Uh, sorry but if you don't mind me asking, where did you get those boots? I’d like to get a pair for my wife.” “They’re mine, actually. I design them.” “NO WAY.” I started laughing. “Yes. I have a website and I have a business card I can give you. Would you like one?” “Oh my gosh, yes please! That would be so great!” He began asking me about colors, sizes, concerned that we might not have her size. I reassured him that her specific size would be available. He was very happy to hear that. He dropped me off and wished me all of the luck in the world with my business and that he would be in contact soon. I smiled to myself as I walked into the nail salon. It was really becoming a pretty good day. I picked out a color and was seated immediately. The manicurist got right to work on my nails, apparently determined to make this appointment the quickest one she’s had today. A woman who was seated next to me leaned in towards me to whisper something. “I just wanted you to know that I’ve been eyeing those boots ever since you first walked in here and I must say, they are stunning. Wherever did you find such a beautiful pair or shoes???” I smiled and explained to her that they were mine and that I designed them. Her face went into complete awe and she immediately demanded a business card. “So you’re the designer? Good for you, honey! Good for you.” After the supposed “hush-hush” conversation that had gone on between this woman and I, suddenly everyone in the salon was asking for business cards and inquiring about colors, shoe sizes, etc. Two young women actually got out of their chairs to feel the quality of the leather. I felt bad, I only had maybe four business cards left, and then had the other ladies screenshot the remaining cards for website and contact info. I bid them all farewell, paid for my gorgeous nail job, and headed out. I go to that nail salon all of the time and I have never not once gotten a single question regarding or compliment in regards to my boots. That day at the nail salon had been like a second Christmas for me! I was so ecstatic to see what God would have happen next. And now, nothing to do but wait and see just how this boot adventure will continue. :) Time for a break.

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