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Famous Boot Wearing Women From The Big Screen

by Karina, June 16, 2021

*** Kristina as Blackwidow cosplay ***


As you well know, we love a pair of boots.

A quick visit to our Leviticus Fashions homepage will reveal multiple posts about our boots, the higher up the leg they go, the better! A good pair of boots can not only look great but make a bold statement about your character, attitude and outlook on life. They can be demure, daring, understated, or the focus of your outfit. And a strong pair of boots is a great way to send out an equally strong message. Many stars of fashion have been seen in pairs of great boots at functions and events. Hunter Schafer caused quite a stir, according to Footwear News recently when she appeared in a post on stylist Law Roach's Instagram page. If you want to make a bold statement, reach for the boots, right? Right! That is why many Hollywood films have also made strong statements about their characters by pairing them with the iconic styling of boots. Having trawled through plenty of old movies, here are four incredibly famous wearers of long, high boots from blockbuster films (the good and bad).

Julia Roberts / Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts is a star of epic proportions, with an Oscar behind her for her role in Erin Brockovich. Her first nomination for an Academy Award came in 1990 when she starred as Vivian Ward in the hit love story Pretty Woman. Her character was immortalized on the cover, wearing a pair of thigh-high patent leather boots. At the time, it didn't signify power as much as status – she later became more demure with what audiences at the time might identify with as "sensible footwear". Still, nobody remembers her in the sensible outfit as that character; instead they recall those fantastic boots. And actually this was one of the main goals of our's when we started Leviticus Fashions: to transform the perception of long thigh boots away from the sex industry and towards the fashion, fun and casual lifestyle genre. Boots can be super classy, exciting and add flare to almost any outfit if worn in the right way! Life is short; Dress up!

Gal Gadot / Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman's boots have been worn by many stars over the years, as the character has a solid historical presence in pop culture. When Lynda Carter starred as the character in the seventies, the boots weren't quite as powerful in terms of their impact, but in 2021 things have changed. The character has developed into an icon across a range of digital media and she now acts as a role model for women today. Indeed, Wonder Woman has featured in several films starring Gadot and appeared in video games such as Marvel's Avengers, amongst others. There is also an online slot on Gala Casino bearing the imagery Wonder Woman, and there are plenty of calls for her to be given her own standalone console game. You can even find apps bearing her likeness, such as Wonder Woman, on the Apple App Store. It might not all be down to Gadot and her over-the-knee boots, but there's no doubt the new footwear plays into the idea of a powerful woman. Michelle Pfeiffer / Batman Returns Like Wonder Woman, Catwoman is an iconic figure in pop culture, although not entirely for the same reasons. Whereas Gadot played a character trying to save the world, Anne Hathaway played an anti-hero of sorts in the Dark Knight rises. The depiction of Catwoman has changed over time, but the leather boots and vicious kicks have been a staple since Michelle Pfeiffer came along in Batman returns. Pfeiffer was utterly terrifying and mesmerizing simultaneously, taking the somewhat less threatening version of the villain played by Eartha Kitt and paving the way for the likes of Hathway and Pfeiffer to pull on the boots and look darn good doing it as well. Oddly, whilst Wonder Woman is the heroine and has not had her own video game, Catwoman has. In 2004, the self-titled video game Catwoman dropped on PlayStation 2 and Game Cube, and she's appeared in many other titles before and after. Maybe we all love a villain after all.


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