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Led By Him ❤💫

by Sanela K. Nov. 20. 2021

Every step you take, make sure you are led by Him!

This is my thought for this Christmas.

Once again, I learned, or better to say "repeated" the lesson.

Don't make plans. Even the small ones could go wrong. Just like mine. We have had a lockdown and I planned to do so much stuff... but, I think we all suffer and we are all having such a hard time. I am seeing stressed faces on the street, people are in their own little world made of a million thoughts. And we have zero idea what each other is thinking about. Even our families and friends. There are stuff people just don't talk about. They cry about, die inside about.... just like a good friend of mine who commited suicide recently.

😔 I was already in my own stress, but that incident just took my last track of smile off my face. It's been a a while already since I didn't write a word. Because there were no words. There was only silence. That was the thing in my mind. Something I had to cry a bout and not talk about. And I was thinking, how misled, how deep in depression and how deep in dark toughts someone should be to take his own life? To throw away a life that God gave us and only He has a right to take? The one who died for our sins.... so we can live... was it for nothing? How close to us we can let the enemy ?

I was asking myself hundreds and hundreds if questions. Could I have helped? Could have I done something? Why I didn't know, why I didn't pay attention? Why? Why and why? Could have I led him closer to God? Would he be alive today if I did something different? If I did anything in fact. Our tears and sadness cannot bring us our loved ones back. Unfortunately. There is time called "too late". And I was also too late.

I hope that this blog post which is not about boots at all will at least make a small difference. That someone will pay more attention to his family and friends. That someone will think about another's problems, that someone will look deeper. Because, maybe that is the only way not to be too late. To be there in time. It could literally save lives. Lives of those who aren't led by Him anymore, who lost His track... and lives of those who stay behind. I want to believe that the sin of suicide was forgiven and that he entered into Heaven's door.

To my loved friend... I hope you finally found your peace you couldn't find here in this world. ❤


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