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Be There For Others ๐Ÿ’—

By Sanela K. May 5, 2021

The inspiration for this blog I got from my own experiences these past days. Maybe that is the reason why I had to go through some difficulties again after all this time, so I can tell you how important it is to support your friends and family members (sometimes also strangers) who are fighting the same problem that I have.

I am going to be honest, I am not happy at all that I had to "survive" this episode one more time, but if it's at least for a larger good reason - I will be able to see some purpose in my "suffering".

Like I said, I am walking and "climbing" every day in order to be fit, healthy and also to lose some "grams". I was doing this exercising just as the episode came upon me. It was 2 days ago (I just didn't have time to write about it earlier because I had "birthday madness"). The day was just a great day. Grey weather, but I was in a good mood and without any stress. I didn't have any appointments, any important stuff to do, just to relax and be lazy or whatever I wanted. I love this kind of day! So, I started my day with my morning coffee, a great breakfast and I went to bed again to watch my turkish video series. I was still in pajamas and my messy hair. After that relaxing "therapy", I tried on all my boots and made a little home photo shoot for my blog and also all my social networks. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I tried on different outfits and combinations with my new LeviTicus Fashions boot babies.

It was really good fun and relaxing for me.

I also ordered a great meal to treat myself like a queen. ๐Ÿ‘‘

Though I wanted to puke afterwards because of "overeating". A good meal has a price to pay physically. (That price is also fat hips ๐Ÿ˜‚).

So, after I treated myself like a freaking queen, I went to bed to sleep AGAIN, because, you know, you cannot do anything on an empty........... or totally full stomach!!

Okay, okay, to the point! I went to "climb" again this day and I was happy when I noticed that it was becoming much easier for my lungs and also for my legs to do this exercise. ๐Ÿ˜Š Then when I was on my way back, going downhill, SUDDENLY, WITHOUT ANY WARNING my face muscles started squeezing and tightening... my legs... oh, I didn't even feel them anymore, and I felt some hard pressure in my head. I was almost to the bottom of the hill, but I had to sit my butt๐Ÿ‘ on the stairs. There was no freaking way to keep walking. I had lost all feeling in my legs and I was getting all kind of weird feelings all over my body. "Okay", I told myself: "oh, you have been in this situation before, just keep calm. Your body is letting you experience another hard panic-attack. It hasn't happen for almost a year. Calm down. You are alone. Breathe normally, no hyperventilating. You have been here!! It will be awful for the next hour or so, but you have to keep calm. Oh, people are passing by, just smile or otherwise they will ask what is wrong and you know that makes everything even worse. You don't need an ambulance coming here to get you!!! Sit down. You don't have anyone to call and be with you. All the people you know here aren't really your friends. You don't have anyone you can call in this situation. Take your pill you stopped taking, maybe it will work. Thank God you always have the pill for this kind of surprise. Well, you know it's impossible to pass out, it's medically IMPOSSIBLE. So, calm down, this is only some weird stuff your brain and body are making you go through. Okay, now the intensity is beginning to lower, let's get down between 2 "waves" of awfulness. Okay, you are doing it, A little bit more, count backwards from 100. You saw a lesson of this on youtube. Count backwards until you are down this hill and then you can sit again. Okay, you are sitting now, don't panic, second wave is coming. Stay calm. Stay calm. Trams are too far and also full of people and you feel dizzy in trams anyway, It's not a good idea to take a tram. It's too far away to walk. Okay, you have to manage to go across the street and find some taxi. Actually, call them. Okay, second wave is gone. Now you are just slightly weak. You have few minutes until next "wave". Okay, you made it! You called a taxi! Now wait. Every minute is like a year in this state you are in, you know that but keep calm. Just keep calm. You have to fight, otherwise you might lose. You don't want your body to squeeze totally like last year. But what kind of new hell is this now??? You haven't had it happen for a year!!! Oh, here is the taxi. Put on that freaking mask even though you cannot breathe properly. It will take only a few minutes. Don't let the driver notice anything. Make a plan on how to get out of the taxi and not to fall down. You are home! Keys! Don't be nervous!!! A few stairs to climb and you are home. Lay down. Wait until it is all over. "

-and so it was. Why I am telling you this?

If you have anyone of your friends or family members fighting this - be kind. If you have never gone through this kind of episode, trust me, you cannot know how hard it is.

Be kind. Be there for others. If nothing else, just be there. We know who is there. We feel it deeply. There is probably nothing you can really do to make this disappear for them, but be kind. The Life is already hard enough. We have to be kind to each other.

I am writing you about my experience. It was like hell and I needed all my energy to focus myself just on STAYING CALM while inside I was going through a real hell of storm. Be kind to others even if there is no such reason as mine. Everyone of us has his/her own "sufferings". We are all going through something. Be kind.

And be understanding! Because that is the most we can do for each other sometimes!

I know this is a serious topic and probably nobody is used to it from me on this blog, but we all need a small reminder about what is really important.

Well, everything wasn't totally grey that day.

My boots were red. You can see it on my photos from my little home photo shoot. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy the photos and remember: BE KIND. ๐Ÿ’—

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