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Dreaming of Destinations

by Karina March 24, 2021

A year of lockdowns, self-quarantines, and restrictions has made me a little more than stir-crazy. This is one lesson we’ve all learned together in the early years of our current, crazy decade. And as expressed in the blog post by Sanela K.  ‘I Want Out!!!’ it can result in your mind being singularly focused on change….. or escape. More time in isolation only means more opportunity to dwell on that same isolation….and I am personally tired of it all!

But now, the impending end of the pandemic — or at least the worst of it here in the U.S. — is allowing me to embrace some new (and happier!) thoughts: "Where shall I take my boots for a walk?" It won’t all happen at once. A recent article by The Atlantic, citing expert opinions, predicted a summer of “sublime departure” from what we’ve lived through in the last year. But it also noted that we’ll need to have a “cautious” fall and winter before we can embrace long-term relief.

So, okay, it won’t be the quick end of the pandemic here at home for everyone. We’ll still need to look out for each other. But a summer of sublime departure from our new, awful normal, sounds legitimately wonderful. And I can’t help but start daydreaming about what could be done with such a summer. And maybe I can even find a place or two to wear show off my boot designs while visiting:)

For me, that means dreaming of destinations. That impulse — wanting out — is about more than just escaping the house. At this point, it’s about going somewhere beautiful, doing something fun, or, you know, seeing other people.

Since I can’t actually do those things quite yet though, I figured why not write about them? As of now, this is the list of destinations I’m considering (some seriously, some less so) for a time when it feels safer to travel….

Acadia National Park - I know. Maybe it’s weird to daydream about a national park, when this is one type of vacation that would actually have been mostly safe throughout the pandemic. But getting there wasn’t going to be so easy, and at this point there’s tremendous appeal in going somewhere that feels like the natural world. I just need to know it’s still out there, you know?

I’m not too much of a national park hopper, but Acadia has always struck me as an overlooked and underrated one. It appears to be an absolutely, jaw dropping gorgeous place, and I like that it won’t have overpowering summer temperatures. Plus, it seems many who visit it find time to stay a few nights in charming New England towns — which seem like nice transitions back into our old social society. I’ve read through a nice USA Today list on these towns, and I think I’m destined to visit Bar Harbor. A trolley tour through a historic downtown just sounds like a dream. And the nights will be cooler so I can pair my boot designs with a classy outfit for dinner out on the town!

Las Vegas - For a totally different speed, I also find myself musing about a trip to Las Vegas. I haven't been in a very long time, and I'm not sure if I ever did it right, so to speak. There’s something exciting about the idea of emerging from isolation and venturing right into “America’s Playground,” as Clooney called it in Ocean’s 11. The pure stimulation of the place might be an absolute revelation at this point.

I’m also intrigued by the extent to which Vegas seems to have expanded as a destination in recent years. Loosely researching the idea of a trip there this summer or fall, I’ve seen articles making a point of highlighting activities outside of the main casinos. A post by provided perhaps the broadest spectrum of possibilities, mentioning everything from hiking in Red Rock Canyon to drinking lager at a German beer hall. It also talked up Fremont Street, which by all accounts makes for a beautiful burst of live music, good food, and company.

Don’t get me wrong, if I go to Vegas I want a bit of luxury. I’d stay at a casino resort if at all possible. But the idea of staying there (and perhaps enjoying a spa treatment or two) and exploring all kinds of other attraction sounds like it might be just what’s needed. Plus, where better to plan a classy, edgy going-out look for our new Leviticus Fashions 2.5 thigh boot designs?

New York City - Sticking with cities, I just can’t shake the idea that New York City is going to be a special place whenever it really opens up and things calm down a bit. Yes, it’s a massive cliché at this point to talk about how New York “bounces back,” or how you just can’t stop its vibrant and ever-evolving culture. I get it. But aren’t those points true, also?

In all of the U.S., if not the world, there is no other city that manages to turn the act of enduring hardships into something joyous. Are there still going to be cabs driving recklessly and rude people on sidewalks? Sure. But I prefer to imagine post-pandemic New York as a place full of friendly meet-ups, reopened restaurants, packed Broadway shows, new art, and all sorts of other things that represent the best of Gotham. And my 3.0 boots were made for walking on the streets of this magnificent metropolis!

If there’s a burst of culture and kindness when we all step back into the world, it just stands to reason that it will be brightest in New York. And I’d love to get a glimpse of it.

Ocracoke Island - The one other destination I’m seriously eyeing is this isolated North Carolina getaway. ranked Ocracoke as the second best beach in America just a couple years ago (and the best not in Hawaii), and in the past it’s even been listed among the best in the entire world! And yet, it never seems to draw a huge crowd. It’s accessible only by boat (including ferries), and by all accounts is a bit like a place out of time.

Again, that in theory describes a destination I could have maybe visited during the pandemic. But traveling really didn’t feel like an option during the past year, and even as I yearn to see other people and do things, the idea of escaping to a beautiful isolated beach with a small cove town and a tiny population sounds incredibly relaxing. Yeah, I know, it probably wouldn’t be the ideal location to wear my boot designs, but trust me, I always find a way to pull it off! ;)

Anyway, it’s likely that in another few months of musing I’ll expand this list. But as I begin to allow myself to daydream about normal-ish life this summer, these are a few of the places calling to me and piquing my interest.

You know what this means? ……’s okay to dream again, boys and girls! About destinations and boot designs :) As Nancy Sinatra said: "These boots are made for walking. And that's just what they'll do!"


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